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3 Ply Meltblown Filter Surgical Mask

TDuring this COVID-19 Pandemic, Embuer (Pioneer in the Health care industry) has started with the manufacturing of 3-Ply Non-woven Surgical Antibacterial Face Mask. It has three integrated layers:-

The first layer (outer layer) is 25 gsm non-woven that allows good air permeability, dust prevention and sterilization.

The Second layer involves the Melt Blown Filter. The melt-blown layer in a 3-ply surgical mask is essentially a filter, the droplets containing viruses will be electrostatically adsorbed on the surface and cannot infiltrate the mask. If your mask is properly fitted, the surgical mask will create a basic barrier between your mouth and nose and the viruses.

The Third layer is a non-woven layer, which is splash resistant & less risk of contamination. It is a Polypropylene spun-bond non-woven fabric, absorbing hot air exhaled from the body bringing comfort.

  • Comfortable Nose Pin
  • Soft Comfortable Ear Loop
  • 25 gsm Non Woven
  • 99.5 BFE Meltblown Filter
  • 25 gsm Non Woven
  • Comfortable & Breathable
  • Anti Droplet
  • Fine material